Buddy system

Since many years now, the BDI has offered the possibility for French students to help International students for his school's integration. In doing so, the association is in charge of matching students according to their center of interests and languages spoken. This project happens to be very successful every year, creating a strong network of buddies.

French courses

To help international students improve their French, we have launched French courses from intermediate to bilingual level. Every week, our teaching team organise one-hour oral and grammar free lessons for small groups of students (up to 10). 

If you wish to take French courses with Alliance Française, the BDI is offering you 12% off. More details

To promote exchanges between French and international students, we organise several Speak Datings per month. It is an opportunity to meet people from all around the world, discoer their culture and improve our foreign language skills. The event is free and open to everybody. 

Speak Datings

Welcome party

What better way to welcome international students than to invite them a casual party in Lyon's famous bars. This event is at the heart of their integration week in the school, it helps them meet their peers in a festive environment.   

The International Dinner is the iconic event of the BDI. For one night, students can discover and enjoy new tastes from all around the world. From the well-known Thai food to the classic American burger, not to mention the great South-American food, our whole team gathers to create a full buffet covering the six continents. People can enjoy a full 3-course dinner with starters, mains and desserts and switch as much as they want between all regions. The International Dinner takes place every year in Spring. It is usually sold-out two weeks before.

The International Dinner

Once a month, the association organizes unformal dinners in apartments to make students discover the culinary traditions of one country or specific area in the world. Known as our most convivial event, the Aperoadtrips (or ATs) gather dozens of people during an evening that appreciate discovering, sharing and experiencing new cultures while enjoying food, drinks and snacks.


Cultural visits

For one day, we offer the opportunity to experience a memorable trip, with meals and visits included, in famous places, often known for their cultural history, their landscapes or their food. The destination may change regularly, and the number of tickets are limited. For the DDay of September 2017, we have exceptionally organized the event in Lyon, due to a high demand for a complete guided tour of the city. 

It is a well-acknowledged fact : the culture of a country is not just one city. The same goes for Lyon ! Aside from the broad range of events that we proudly organize throughout the year at emlyon or in the city, the BDI organizes the Discovery Day, aka D-Day.


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